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Get Your Oklahoma Medical Card

Medical cannabis evaluations! Due to state regulations that went into effect on August 29, 2019, we no longer have Dr. McCurry in house on Wednesdays.


Call him directly and see him in his office in Stigler. Licensed medical cannabis card evaluations. $125 Cash

Dr. Mark McCurry

503 NW H St,

Stigler, OK 74462

(918) 967-4674


You may click this link and get your doctor recommendation via the internet by having your appointment by video chat with Elevate Holistics. http://bit.ly/wagonhillOMMA

Items you need to bring so you can walk out of your appointment done, except for the 7 day wait for the card to arrive :

  • $125.00 in cash for the Doctor evaluation.

  • Oklahoma Driver’s License or State issued ID

  • A valid credit or debit card for the application to OMMA.  The application is all online and OMMA will ask for a credit or debit card to apply for your Medical Marijuana card.  They will charge your credit or debit card $104.30, including card processing fee, at that time. Unless you are over 62, on Medicare/Medicaid, the fee is $22.50 including the card processing fee.

  • Email address to provide to OMMA and a password you supply

  • Medicaid or Medicare card if you have one.

​​For anyone with an out of state (Arkansas, for example) Medical Marijuana Card interested in applying for an Oklahoma  Temporary Medical card, (good for 30 days from issuance) please go to http://omma.ok.gov/temporary-adult-patient-application-information1 and apply.

Get your medical marijuana card today and enjoy the rights given to you under the Oklahoma medical marijuana program.