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Arkansas Running Out of Medical Marijuana - Come to Oklahoma!

In America, 33 states have passed medical marijuana laws to help offer patients suffering from a plethora of conditions an alternative to often toxic pharmaceutical products.

Arkansas and Oklahoma have taken two very distinctly different models to solving the medical marijuana needs of patients.

Arkansas is Failing Medical Marijuana Patients

“If you look at our neighboring states like Oklahoma they have 2,000,” Miles said. He said that Arkansas only has four (4) cultivators and three that just got approved for their licenses but are months away from operating. As reported by ABC News Channel 7

Arkansas’s Medical Marijuana laws only allow:

  • one (1) cultivator per every 6,000 patients.

  • Arkansas has roughly 83,000 patients.

  • Arkansas should have at least thirteen (13) cultivation operations - not four (4.)

How many medical marijuana businesses are in Oklahoma?

  • Oklahoma has 9458 active medical marijuana businesses licensed.

  • Oklahoma has 342,263 active medical marijuana patients.

  • Oklahoma has 2516 active medical marijuana caregivers.

  • Oklahoma has 5971 licensed cultivators.

  • Oklahoma has 1328 infused product manufacturers.

  • Oklahoma has 2087 licensed medical marijuana dispensaries.

  • Oklahoma has 39 licensed medical marijuana transportation companies.

  • Oklahoma has 19 licensed medical marijuana waste disposal businesses.

  • Oklahoma has 24 licensed medical marijuana labs.

Residents of Arkansas with a medical marijuana card can secure a temporary adult patient license that allows them to purchase medical marijuana in Oklahoma.

Contact us today to find out more on how to qualify.

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