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Chart: Oklahoma and Florida Patient Growth

As we look back on 2019, Wagon Hill Medical Dispensary would like to applaud the efforts of our citizens in ending prohibtion and setting a new standard. As reported by the Marijuana Business Daily earlier this year.

"Oklahoma is the fastest-growing medical marijuana market in America with an average number of daily patient increases, and MMJ patients represent 4.1% of the state’s total population – one of the highest rates in the nation. Growth is bolstered by low barriers of entry, including the fact there’s no list of qualifying conditions for patients. "

An analysis of state markets that release patient counts show a remarkable trend.

  • Almost 5% of the population has opted to register with the state for a medical marijuana card.

  • Almost 641 new patients are applying daily with the OMMA.

Wagon Hill Medical Marijuana Dispensary thanks all of our advocates, elected officials, the OMMA, the doctors and the patients for turning the pages on cannabis prohibitions.

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