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COVID-19: Cannabis Supply Chain Stress Test 2020 & Safety Protocols

In response to COVID-19, Wagon Hill Medical Dispensary has increased dispensary cleaning protocols, offers hand sanitizer use on-site, and is offering sales on FLOWER - max of 3 ounces per patient.

Please note, as the President declared the national emergency on Friday the 13th, 2020, supplies and availabilities may see a stress test for cannabis nationwide.

To help limit patients' cost, time, and social exposure, Wagon Hill Medical is offering daily pre-orders and pickup for all OMMA patients.

Order now and ensure your supply in advance. Price is per ounce.

* Must pick up before close of business or orders will be canceled to ensure availability for all patients.

"The potential for a statewide lockdown is real: Illinois, Ohio, Massachusetts, and Washington state are also among places that ordered bars to close and restaurants to stop dine-in services.
Los Angeles, Mayor Eric Garcetti issued an executive order on Sunday to close bars, nightclubs, entertainment venues and gyms until at least 31 March."
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