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Graphic: Medical Cannabis and Pain Management Consumer Report 2021

In a fascinating display of changing trends in America’s perception and use of medical marijuana reveal a tidal change in consumer habits for pain management. CannaBit‘s most recent report shows the top 5 reasons for using medical marijuana, as well as the proportion of cannabis users who have replaced ‘some’ or ‘all’ of their prescriptions with America’s favorite plant: cannabis.

The Top 5 Reasons for Using Cannabis

  • Pain Management 59%

  • Relaxation 55%

  • Stress Relief 55%

  • Reducing Anxiety 51%

  • Improving Sleep 47%

In what must be considered shocking to America’s century-old war on cannabis, the CannaBit survey reveals a massive shift towards plant-based, natural, alternative health with medical marijuana leading the charge.

Percentage of Medical Marijuana Users Who Have Replaced ‘Some’ Prescriptions with Cannabis

  • Anticonvulsants 72%

  • Glaucoma 71%

  • Anti-Migraine 65%

  • Nausea 65%

  • ADD/ADHD 62%

The survey continues with a substantial list of conditions of which Americans are leaving some of the pharmaceutical solutions of the 20th century in favor of alternative holistic health options in the 21st century.

Wagon Hill Medical Marijuana Dispensary is proud to support our local patients in Oklahoma with natural plant-based alternatives to the addictive ‘pain-killers’ of the last century. Stop by today and check out our wide selection of medical marijuana flower, wax, butter, oils, tinctures, and more!

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