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Guns and Cannabis are "OK" in OK - If Senate Bill 959 is Approved

Breaking Medical Marijuana News: Can MMJ patients own a firearm? That's a question that arise each time a new state approves cannabis legislation. Why?

As reported by High Times...

the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation (OSBI) has routinely denied concealed handgun permits to those who disclose that they have a medical marijuana card because of the continuing federal prohibition of cannabis. Failure to make such disclosure is a felony under federal law.

Senate Bill 959 in Oklahoma addresses this issue head one. High Times breaks down the bill.

The Oklahoma state Senate voted on Wednesday to approve a bill that would protect the right to own a firearm for medical marijuana patients. The measure, Senate Bill 959, was approved by a unanimous vote by the full Senate and will now head to the Oklahoma House of Representatives for consideration.

Wagon Hill Medical Marijuana Dispensary supports medical cannabis patients' rights to the Second Amendment and hopes patients will be treated as equals.

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