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OK: From Deep Red to Deep Green State - Oklahoma Leads the Nation for Culitvation Licenses in 2020

Oklahoma is a hotbed of activity for cannabis reforms and business development. Few could have predicted a decade ago, that the “Labor Omnia Vincit” state motto would apply to America’s fastest growing industry - marijuana!

This graphic (below) provides a mathematical overview of cultivation licenses issued in 2020. Oddly, it seems to have left our neighbors in the “Show Me” state out of the loop. As per law, Missouri will have a total of only 60 cultivation sites, 86 infused product manufacturers, and a total of 192 dispensaries for a population of over 6 million residents. Oklahoma’s population is 3.9 million residents.

How many marijuana culitvation sites were licensed in 2020?

Source: Cannabiz Media and Marijuana Business Daily

Labor Omnia Vincit = Labor Conquers All

Oklahoma’s Medical Marijuana Authority issued 2,392 new permits through November 2020, outpacing California by 88 licenses.

Local jobs, businesses, and industries have grown in Oklahoma within the medical cannabis sectors. As owner operators and advocates, we salute our fellow citizens for taking a stand, ending prohibition, and creating the most active state in the nation for cannabis opportunities.

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