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OK Goes Recreational? State Question 806 Recreational Marijuana Graphic

Two Oklahoma residents filed an initiative to legalize adult-use marijuana in Oklahoma.

The initiative would amend the Oklahoma Constitution to legalize marijuana for recreational use with caveats. Many on social media are concerned about the after-effects it may have on the OMMA and the medical marijuana patients and operators.

The Recreational Marijuana Petition

State Question 806 needs 178,000 valid voter signatures to make a 2020 ballot and would have 90 days to gather signatures.

  • Filed by Amy Young & Vanessa Avery

  • Legalize possession of marijuana

  • Legalize consumption of marijuana

  • Must be 21 years of age or older

  • Motor vehicle restrictions

  • School restrictions

  • Restrictions for those performing tasks that “would constituent negligence or professional malpractice” if intoxicated

  • $25 fine for smoking marijuana in a public or otherwise prohibited place.

It would also

  • Rename the Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority as the Oklahoma Marijuana Authority

  • Set requirements for licensing

  • No licensee selling marijuana within 1,000 feet of a school

  • Allow a local government to “enact ordinances or other regulations governing the time, place and manner of operating

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