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OMMA - Medical Marijuana Patient Licenses Grow During Pandemic by over 28,000 Since January 2020!

Breaking News: OMMA has released the latest numbers on medical marijuana patients, caregivers, growers, processors, dispensaries, transportation, waste, and laboratory applications.

While many industries and global corporations are laying off workers by the millions - the COVID-19 pandemic can't stop the people's demand for legal access to medical marijuana and nor the tenacious ingenuity of American entrepreneurs.

As of March 31, 2020 OMMA reported continued growth across all types of licenses.

How Many Medical Marijuana Patients are in Oklahoma?

  • 271,979

How many Caregivers are in Oklahoma?

  • 2,122

How Many Medical Marijuana Dispensaries are in Oklahoma?

  • 2,379

How Many Medical Marijuana Grow Ops are in Oklahoma?

  • 6,157

How many Medical Marijuana Processors/Extractors are in Oklahoma?

  • 1,566

How many Medical Marijuana Transporters are in Oklahoma?

  • 17

How many Medical Marijuana Waste Disposal Facilities are in Oklahoma?

  • 4

How many Medical Marijuana Testing Labs are in Oklahoma?

  • 17

Wagon Hill Medical Dispensary would like to thank the OMMA staff for their hard work during this unique and challenging time!

We are proud of our patients and salute our fellow business owners for helping to "keep the lights on" for our patients, doctors, employees, cities, and neighbors.

Wagon Hill Medical Dispensary now offers online ordering and pick at the shop!

We shall overcome - together!

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