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Which State has the Largest Percent of Medical Marijuana Patients by Population?

In the last decade, American voters (and some legislators) have come to embrace medical marijuana dispensaries and related businesses as essential to our rights to access alternative natural medicine.

But which state leads the nation by percentage of population? Believe it or not - it’s one of the ‘reddest states’ in our union - take a bow, Oklahoma! Check out this graphic by Statista, 2020.

Source: Statista “Percentage of the population in the U.S. who were medical marijuana patients as of July 2020, by state”

While our nation and the globe overcome the COVID-19 pandemic and opiode abuse, medical marijuana is rapidly becoming a part of the new norm for alternative holistic healthcare lead BY American advocate - not politicians, Wall Street or big Pharma.

Wagon Hill medical marijuana dispensary would like to thank all of our fellow advocates, patients, neighbors and supportive legislators for helping to build a new American economy focused on local products, services, agriculture and health.

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